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Dominion Development GroupDominion Development Group is committed to destination resort projects that enhance the lives and lifestyles of all who are involved in the projects, both consumers and communities.  Innovation, "green" building systems, energy efficiency, and unprecedented marketing strategies make these projects rise above the average.  Dominion's commitment to Carbon County and to the Jim Thorpe area is demonstrated by five years of study and planning for its projects. Dominon is the Team Leader for the Jim Thorpe Sky Tram.


DoppelmayrDopplemayr-CTEC is the worldwide leader in the construction of aerial trams, gondolas, ski lifts and engineered ropeways.  Doppelmayr has been working with Dominion for nearly four years in the conceptualization and planning for the Sky Tram.  With input from their engineers from Salt Lake City and Switzerland, the Doppelmayr firm has made impressive recommendations regarding the style and location of the Sky Tram.  Doppelmayr-CTEC serves as the engineer and constructor of the tram.  www.Doppelmayrctec.com

CWA CWA is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of customized cars for the tramways. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Doppelmayr, the project is assured of quality control through CWA's worldclass craftsmanship.  We encourgage you to watch the video on the CWA website.


HawbakerGlenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. is one of the largest design-build site contractors in the State of Pennsylvania. Formed in 1952, the Hawbaker family has grown to be a multi-purpose corporation that serves most areas of Pennsylvania. Owning 17 quarries, and multiple related businesses such as concrete curbing and asphalt paving, the Hawbaker organization still prides itself on personal relatonships with its customers and clients. They bring a wealth of experience to the Team Behind The Tram.

We encourage you to watch their corporate video at:


Berks RidgeAs you enter the offices of the Berks Ridge Company in Harleysville, PA, you immediately feel a surrounding warmth, like being in the home of a good friend.  Rich Kirkpatrick, the founder and majority owner of Berk Ridge has taken a personal interest in Dominion's Jim Thorpe projects and is a true friend of the company. With successful experience in everything from major commercial construction projects to luxury units built for Wyndham Resorts, Berks Ridge delivers quality and performance....on budget and on time.

Visit their website:  www.BerksRidge.com

Slaw Starting in 1979, the J&R Slaw company has grown to be one of the Northeast's premier suppliers of precast products.  Led by Robert Slaw, the company manufactures and erects some of the finest precast structures on the East Coast. The company has built luxury highrise structures on the Hudson River, overlooking New York City. They will bring the same stylistic excellence to the Jim Thorpe Sky Tram observation decks and walkways.   Go to:  www.SlawPrecast.com

Lack Stosser Lack and Strosser Architects, of Lewisburg, PA is another highly qualified "local" firm. Their "local" connection stems from the fact that Bob Lack grew up in nearby Summit Hill. Lack and Strosser is exceptional at capturing the intent of the developers with whom they work. They translate that intent into beautiful, workable and practical plans. Their design for the downtown Sky Tram Observation Deck and Ticketing Center, and the Mountaintop Glass Corridor has captured perfectly the developers' vision for the project.

Go to: http://www.lackstrosser.com

Pocono Whitewater Pocono Whitewater and Skirmish USA have been in business since 1976 and are recognized as industry leaders in both outdoor recreation and paintball. The visonary leaders of this dynamic company recognized the tremendous economic impact that the Skytram will have on the region. As a result, they have opted to offer 10 years of co-op advertising to promote the Skytram.  The present value of that commitment.......Over one million dollars!

Go to: http://www.poconowhitewater.com

As members of the Team Behind the Tram, we are all privileged to have the opportunity to participate in such a dynamic project.

Watch for Other Strategic Partners to be Added.

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